It is time for your station to break through!

Locked behind the format leader? Want a change?

Solid strategy and turn-key tactics for winning results. Blake FM® is available in 24/7 syndication for barter or by cash consulting fee.

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By using our 24/7 syndicated version of Blake FM®, you get everything you need delivered via the Internet using the state-of-the-art Sync Harmony system.

If you work with us as a consultant, we will custom tailor our services to meet your needs. Contact us now for more information regarding Blake FM® consulting services and fees.


Turn-key delivery of your music library. Songs are delivered in high quality .wav format and include song tags. Your listeners will thank you for telling them the title and artist of every song your station plays.


Blake FM® stands out on a crowded radio dial. Blake FM® is memorable. Blake FM® entertains. Blake FM® breaks through.

Blake FM® is bold. If you choose live talent can complement the sound but it’s the breakthrough, bigger-than-life imaging that drives the station’s one-of-a-kind personality. Folger Media is the master of memorable writing that drives home this unique station sound. Your station’s imaging will always sound fresh.

Our groundbreaking Folger Image Co-op will provide you with thousands of imaging scripts ready to use or localized for your market.

Your launch package will include a complete Folger Media introductory imaging package.

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Folger Media will assist in music selection based on research and the experience of a seasoned, winning music team. Sleep better at night by letting the pros at Folger Media assist your local PD in making sure Blake FM® is playing all of the right songs, in the right categories, and at the right times.

Marketing and Promotions

With proven formulas in multiple markets, Folger Media will provide a comprehensive marketing plan that includes a custom logo, ideas, and samples for TV commercials and billboards, plus promotion and street team ideas that your station can put into action right from the start. We will show you how to harness powerful social media tools to help you engage your audience on-air and online.

Scheduling Software

Folger Media will assist in setting up your music/liner scheduling program. This includes categories, rotations, priorities, and sound codes. Once implemented, we will help with frequent housekeeping to assure the music strategy is being executed properly. Blake FM® is a registered service mark of Folger Media, Inc.


We have assembled a team of industry and country radio pros.